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More about the Create for Earth Challenge

Earth Day is celebrated to bring awareness to saving the planet. It is a day which is organized worldwide to discuss and combat the perils of nature in this Earth. As artists and as human beings we bear the responsibility to protect Earth and raise awareness about the present condition of the World we live in. That is why when shared a story on Instagram looking for volunteers to host a Earth Day themed challenge, I quickly jumped on board. A total of eleven of us small artists banded together and came up with the idea of the "Create for Earth Challenge". The other wonderful hosts of this challenge are:  Our goal was to give 6 prompts related to the environment. Artists were encouraged to post paintings on these prompts, interpreting these according to them. The 6 prompts are as follows:
Each prompt is related to petitions and articles that create social awareness about the topics at hand. You'll find all the petitions at the end of the article. A breakdown of the prompts are given below:

1. Be nice to bees- 

The bees perform 80% of the World's pollination but they are in danger. Chemical pesticides, colony destruction, habitat shrinking are just a few of the reasons. Read up on this pressing environmental issue and learn about some of the solutions that you can implement to help the hive in this article.

2. Save the oceans- 

Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface harbouring an astounding number of diverse organisms. The oceans affect everything from weather patterns to food systems. So when the oceans are threatened by overfishing, climate change, pollution and other grotesque issues, we must lend our hand to it. Read more about how YOU can help in this article.

3. Less plastic, more love- 

We all know the harms of plastic. It is non-biodegradable, meaning it cannot be decomposed naturally like organic materials. This quality is what gets us into trouble. You can adopt a number of changes to your lifestyle to decrease plastic in the World. Here are some simple methods you can try.

4. A breath of fresh air- 

The air we breathe is full of materials harmful to us such as exhaust from cars, gas from factories, paint fumes and so much more. These affect us so much in the long run. I have felt fresh air in the mountains during a tour and the feeling of the fresh air filling up your lungs is indescribably good. I want the air quality in cities to be that good. So here's an article that details how you can help better the air quality.

5. Support green energy- 

The green energy is comparatively new to the energy market of the World. This energy is environmentally-friendlier than the energy obtained from resources like coal and petroleum. Moreover, this type of energy is more sustainable and mostly renewable and never-ending in nature. Examples of green energy include solar power, wind power, water power, bio energy and so much more. Let's hope we can implement the technology to harness green energy globally. Meanwhile, learn more about green energy in this article.

6. Plant a tree, breathe free- 

From our childhood we are taught of the many contributions of trees. They provide us with oxygen, food, shade and they also play a role in regulating the weather of a place. With the plethora of benefits of a tree, it is no wonder that planting trees is a great way of helping the environment. Learn more about why you should plant trees in this article.

The petitions we promoted were:
1. Be nice to bees petition
2. Save the oceans petition
5. Support green energy petition
You can find all the amazing entries of these challenge on Instagram under #createforearthchallenge.


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